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With this short almost two-hour video course (109 min) to download in FULL HD you learn everything important you must know for your microeconomics exam. Understandable explanations will help you understand the complicated terms and forms. You can deepen the learned knowledge with the help of 34 exercises. You can compare your results with the solutions.

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The Microeconomics Video Course contains following topics (click on headline to show topic):

Basics of Supply and Demand

  • The Supply Curve
  • The Demand Curve
  • shifting of curves (exogenous effects)
  • The Market Equilibirum
  • shortage and surplus
  • substitute goods
  • complementary goods
  • calculation example and figure if market equilibrium
  • Elasticity
  • Price elasticity of demand and supply
  • short and itong run elasticities
  • cross-price elasticity
  • calculation example of price elasticity of demand

Consumer Behaviour

  • analysis of consumer behaviour
  • preferences
  • indifference curves
  • marginal rate of substitution
  • budget line
  • marginal utility
  • diminishing marginal utility
  • optimal bundle of consumption
  • utility function
  • Lagrange Function with calculation examples
  • normal goods
  • inferior goods
  • price consumption curve
  • Engel curve
  • substitution and income effect
  • substitution and income effect calculation
  • Giffen good
  • consumer and producer surplus
  • social welfare

Uncertainty in Consumer Behaviour

  • risk
  • expected value
  • variance
  • standard deviation
  • risk averse, risk neutral , risk loving types
  • risk premium

Production and Cost of Production

  • production function
  • isoquants
  • analysis of short and long run
  • marginal rate of technical substitution
  • returns to scale
  • sunk costs
  • opportunity costs
  • fix and variable costs
  • cost in the short and in the long run
  • isocost line
  • cost minimization with fixed output level with Lagrange
  • economies of scale & scope
  • cost elasticity

Perfect Competition and Monopoly

  • perfect competition with calculation example
  • profit maximization in monopoly
  • derivation of Lerner-Index
  • formal and graphical illustration of a monopoly
  • calculation example monopoly and deadweight loss

Imperfect Competition

  • Oligopoly
  • Nash-Equilibrium
  • Cournot-Duopoyl with calculation example
  • Stackelberg with calculation example
  • Bertrand-Duopoly
  • Prisoner’s Dilemma


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